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St. Louis Dermatologist Reveals: The Truth About Toothpaste & Acne

A tube of toothpaste.
A tube of toothpaste.


Struggling with acne in St. Louis? You're not alone! The humid summers and harsh winters can wreak havoc on even the best skin. While desperate times might call for desperate measures, some "remedies" like using toothpaste on pimples can do more harm than good. At Mid-County Dermatology, your trusted St. Louis dermatologist team, we're here to debunk the myth and guide you toward effective acne treatment solutions.

Why Toothpaste is a Bad Idea for Acne:

Toothpaste can worsen your acne because of its:

  • ❌ Harsh Ingredients: Toothpaste contains drying agents and irritants like alcohol and baking soda, which can increase inflammation and redness, leaving you with angry red monsters instead of calm, controlled breakouts.

  • ❌ Clogged Pores: While it might seem to dry at first, toothpaste can clog pores, trapping bacteria and oil, leading to more breakouts, not fewer.

  • ❌ No Magic Acne-Fighting Power: Toothpaste lacks the ingredients proven to combat acne, like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, leaving you disappointed and potentially worse off.

Effective Acne Treatment Options for St. Louis Residents:

Instead of relying on myths, turn to proven solutions tailored to St. Louis residents' needs:

  • Over-the-counter products: Look for gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and spot treatments containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or retinol.

  • Prescription medications: For stubborn acne, consult a St. Louis dermatology team like Mid-County Dermatology. We offer personalized prescriptions like prescription Vitamin A retinoids, topical antibiotics, or oral medications to target your specific concerns.

  • Professional treatments: We offer advanced options like chemical peels and microneedling to target specific concerns and achieve clearer, smoother skin.

Beyond Products:

  • Lifestyle adjustments: Stress, diet, and even St. Louis' specific climate can affect your skin. We can help you identify and address lifestyle factors contributing to your acne.

  • Sun protection: Don't forget the sunscreen! The sun's harmful rays can worsen acne and damage your skin. Choose a non-comedogenic sunscreen suitable for your skin type.


Ditch the toothpaste myth and embrace real acne solutions for your St. Louis skin. Contact Mid-County Dermatology today by phone or text at 314-994-0200 or schedule online for a personalized treatment plan and finally achieve the clear, confident skin you deserve!

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